Feeding Our Nation's Children - The Message
04 Aug 2020

Feeding Our Nation’s Children

Before Covid, 4.1 million children were living in poverty, out of which only 1.3 million qualified for free school meals, leaving 2.8 million without. Millions more families are now facing financial insecurity, worried about how they can keep food on the table.

We can’t stand by and do nothing so have launched the Lockdown Hunger project. 

‘I’ve become increasingly concerned about children going hungry in our nation,’ says Sam Ward, Director of Ministry. ‘On thinking how we can address this issue we’ve pulled together an amazing set of partners including TLG, Love Your Neighbour, the Salvation Army, the Audacious Foundation and many more to address this issue.’ 

The idea is to excite the heart of churches to connect with their local schools to send boxes of love to families in need which will include food and essentials. In turn we’ll see thousands of children being fed through this project. 

One of our staff members, Joe, has been contacting churches across the UK letting them know about the initiative. ‘It’s been good to talk with churches across the country who want to get involved and feed school children over the summer holidays’, says Joe. ‘I’ve been really encouraged by the heart of church leaders and their desire to stand in the gap to provide meals – it’s a real demonstration of being the hands and feet of Jesus.’  

How can you get involved? Well, here are some good places to start:

1. Get in touch with a school in your area and discuss their needs. Our experience is that, while stretched, schools are very open to this kind of help, particularly when backed by national programmes. Offer to help with food, deliveries, activities and other support if you can. 

2. Find support from national networks, who are on hand to help you get
set up quickly, and have thought through the issues for you. 

3. Partner with other churches in the same area, who may have already started to respond. 

4. Let us know your situation by heading to lockdownhunger.com so we can look at further support related to school / church partnerships.