Finding A New Boldness - The Message
03 Aug 2021

Finding A New Boldness

With schools closed, lockdowns, and social bubbles in place you’d have thought it could have stopped Advance Youth bringing young people together to train, equip and empower them in their evangelism… but this definitely wasn’t the case. The team have continued finding new ways of helping young people share their faith with a new boldness.

It’s been an amazing few months for Advance Youth in London. During April, May and June we were able to meet in person for the first time this year! After almost a year on Zoom it was great to be back together. That is not to say though that our time on Zoom wasn’t fruitful!

Online the young people continued to be encouraged to witness to their friends through social media and one-on-one walks. And it has been great to watch the young people rise to the challenge. One young person has been using his XBox as a tool to chat to his friends about Jesus, pray for them and has even been able to lead one of his friends to Jesus. As an Advance Youth group we’d been praying for this lads friend for over a year so it was a real group celebration. The boy is now meeting up with his friend regularly to read the Bible with him. 

Whilst the country was in lockdown Advance Youth took the opportunity to grow expanding into new areas. This meant that in April we launched a brand-new Advance Youth hub in Barnet partnering with Trinity Church. Already they’re catching the heart of Advance Youth and the young people are growing in their boldness and confidence in sharing their faith with their friends. We can’t wait to see what God does through this group of young people. 

We are also looking forward to ‘THE SCATTERING’ missions this summer. One will be run in Enfield with young people from 10 churches coming together for three days of mission and the other in Barnet with two churches. We want to make a real statement that as things open up the first thing we’re doing is scattering to reach the lost with the hope of the gospel – we can’t wait to see God move through our young people as they step out of their comfort zones and into God’s mission to reach those who don’t know him yet.

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