Finding A Welcome At Neal Street - The Message
05 Jan 2021

Finding A Welcome At Neal Street

Did you know that over 170,000 people in London are homeless? That’s 1 in every 52 people, and over 10,500 sleep on the streets every night. However, our team in London have had a new and unexpected opportunity to serve homeless people experiencing homelessness across the capital.

Being homeless is already so isolating and scary before you add a global pandemic and lockdowns into the mix.

With restrictions meaning that Neal Street Espresso, in the heart of Covent Garden, is unable to open as a coffee shop at the moment, we were determined it wouldn’t sit empty and would be used to continue serving the local area. And quickly an opportunity to partner with local church, Hope Community Church emerged to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the homeless in London.

After repurposing the café space, Hope Community Church with Ivan our Neal Street Espresso Manager began providing hot meals to those living on the streets from our London base. As well as filling stomachs, the meals brought people together as a community, provided shelter and gave us the chance to share the gospel as people ate. As conversations developed people began wanting to know more about Jesus and his love for them.

With uncertainty and lockdown continuing, our work won’t stop. Please do pray for Hope Community Church and our team in London as they continue serving our capital’s homeless community and that we’ll see many people will respond to the gospel lives transformed.