Finding Identity In Jesus - The Message

Finding Identity In Jesus

As we kick off another year of mission, we can’t wait to see all that God’s going to do through The Message as young people hear the gospel and respond to it. We caught up with mission team member Alice, from our Wales hub team, to hear all about what God’s been doing.

‘It’s been great to get back into schools with Respect ME sessions encouraging and equipping young people to discover their identity in God. During one lesson on self-worth and identity, we encouraged the young people in the class to write down some things they liked about themselves including positive things about their achievements and goals. However, many of the young people, felt that they had no achievements and struggled to find things about themselves that they were proud of. As we explored more about what achievements can look like, such as doing sports, learning to cook, being a good friend or respecting your parents, we were able to encourage a number of students in their unique identities whilst pointing them to the identity and hope we find in Jesus and how much God loves them.

‘On another day, I got chatting with Himani who was on her own a lot in school. As I got to know her, she opened up that she’d fallen out with some of her friends and was feeling really anxious. I was able to share with her that I believe God can comfort and help us in those moments and was then able to pray with her. Himani instantly looked more calm and confident and is interested in finding out more about Jesus!

‘And it’s not just in school where we’re seeing young people come to know Jesus. On board the Message Wales Bus, I got chatting with one girl Carys about God and grabbed the opportunity to share the gospel with her. As I was sharing about the love and peace Jesus offers, Carys said she wanted to give her life to Jesus. So we prayed together and she accepted Jesus right there and then, and she’s already getting stuck in with her local church.

‘It’s great to be even a small part in what God is doing in the lives of young people across Wales and I can’t wait to see what else he does in 2022.’