Finding Jesus At The Movies - The Message

Finding Jesus At The Movies

A car park in Manchester may not be the first place you think of when you think about sharing the gospel with hundreds of people. But that’s just what happened on the Sunday before Christmas when we took over a local car park and turned it into a drive-in movie theatre for our Community Grocery members – and saw 67 people give their lives to Jesus!

The Message Community Grocery is about more than just providing families with the food they need – it’s about sharing the hope of Jesus with them too.

As we approached Christmas we wanted to take the opportunity to do something special for our members, as well as share the real meaning of Christmas with them. So we set out to transform a car park into a drive-in movie theatre where members could come in their cars with their families.

Before seeing Elf on the big screen, members heard Andy Hawthorne share the gospel and listened to music from BrightLine. As they listened, 67 responded to the gospel and were given a Bible and invited to an online the4points course being run by a partner church. Many of these people have already signed up to explore more about Jesus and grow in their faith and they will keep hearing about the love and hope of Jesus as they visit the Community Grocery for their food.


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