Finding Jesus in Lockdown - The Message
Message prisons worker
01 Sep 2020

Finding Jesus in Lockdown

As lockdown starts to ease, some of our Message in Prisons team are able to head back into prisons meeting people face-to-face again for the first time in months. Jo, one of the team, shares stories of how prisoners have been finding Jesus during lockdown…

Even though we’ve not been able to go into prisons recently, our work there with the chaplaincy teams hasn’t stopped. Books and resources that we’ve provided telling people more about Jesus have been given out, and there’s been prayers through the door as well as over in-cell phones.

Last month I was able to head back in for the first time, running our Bible study group that explores Christianity again. There I met 10 ladies who have become Christians during lockdown … how exciting is this!

As I chatted to them it was clear how God’s been moving and the impact something as simple as a book can have on people lives.

Here’s just some of the stories they told me:

“A woman on my house is a Christian and has been reading the books she was getting from the chapel. She was really kind to me when others were giving me a hard time. So, I asked the chaplain if I could start getting the in-cell worship materials and books she had. Since I’ve been reading them I have become so much stronger and I’m able to cope with things. I’ve started reading the Bible too, and I want to learn how to understand it more and how to get closer to God. I am so looking forward to coming to Bible study group. It’s given me something to look forward to.” – K

“I’ve always been an atheist. Now I’ve ended up in prison I realise that my life is out of control and that I need God. Drugs have taken over my life. Over the past few weeks I’ve started to pray in my cell and I just felt like I needed to read the Bible so was able to get one from the chaplain. I’ve started reading it and praying every day and am now a Christian. I can’t explain it, but I feel so different and I have a new hope that things will be better in the future for me. I’m really looking forward to starting the study group as I want to grow and learn more about Jesus and the Christian faith.” – P

“I asked to speak to Jo because a woman on my house had been helping me when I was struggling with self-harming. She told me about the Bible study group that she went to before lockdown. Jo gave me some books to read and prayed for me. The thoughts of self-harm have started to fade and I’m really looking forward to coming to the group because I need to find some hope and something to believe in.” – D

Please do pray for each of the ladies coming along to the Bible study group that they’ll fall more in love with Jesus and grow in their faith.