From Basketball to Discipleship - The Message
18 Feb 2020

From Basketball to Discipleship

Tolu is our schools worker in West London. He shares an update of how the long-term work of The Message in schools is helping young people come to know Jesus and into discipleship.

‘We’ve been slowly building relationships with schools in West London and recently saw signs of great things to come. At one school we regular spend lunchtimes with the students, playing basketball and chatting with the young people. The school then invited mission team SoulBox to come in as part of a week-long schools’ mission. And the months we had spent building relationships with the students meant we were able to have in-depth and honest conversations after the sessions. 

‘A group of these boys came along to the Lift gig at the end of the week and responded to the gospel! They’re now getting discipled and exploring faith at the youth group of their local church. 

‘Having a regular presence in the schools has given us the opportunity to develop trust with the young people. We’re beginning to see them through a journey of school to events to youth groups and long-term discipleship.’


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