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16 Jun 2021

Grief and Grace

Grieving man looking out of the window

Grief and Grace

Grief’s not something we like to think about, but will touch us all. How in what may be some of our hardest times can we meet God and let His grace guide us through? And how can we help others we know walking this journey?

In 2016, Tim’s life changed forever when he suddenly lost his wife Laura. In the depths of grief he cried out to God and began to sense His grace and courage that met him when he needed it most. How can this be our story?

Grief and Grace is a brand-new Message Live series where through teaching and stories we’ll find out how to face a future we didn’t choose.

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This series is based on Tim Tucker’s Grief and Grace where he shares his poignant story of losing his wife Laura suddenly in 2016, and how he was facing a future he hadn’t chosen. One where he found grief and grace could mingle and coexist.

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