Helping rid our streets of knives - The Message
27 Mar 2020

Helping rid our streets of knives

The growth of knife crime and its devastating impact on lives is never far from the headlines. Something has to change, so our teams are taking the No More Knives tour into high schools across Manchester alongside Greater Manchester Police and Mo Timbo to show young people there is another way.

Combining music with powerful stories and teaching, our missions teams are running lessons and assemblies that equip young people with the skills they need to say no to knives and help them discover their full value and identity. As always, we want every one of these young people to hear about the hope Jesus offers them. So, each tour culminates in a high-energy gig where pupils get to hear more from the bands they’ve met in school before having a chance to respond to the gospel and be connected with a local church.

Our friend, Pastor Mo Timbo, who’s helping head up No More Knives, has already seen for himself the positive impact the tour can make, having pioneered it in Hull and Humberside. Growing up on a tough estate in Peckham, Mo found himself caught up in gang crime at a young age and saw the devastation knife crime causes first-hand. Having left his old life behind and been discipled by Message teams in prison, he’s now passionate about seeing knives put down for good. ‘We’re facing a very real battle at the moment,’ says Mo. ‘More and more young people are choosing to arm themselves without realising the lifelong impact this could have for them and countless others. Knives are not the way. We want every young person across Manchester to hear this and be equipped with the skills they need to say no to knives and resolve situations without aggression. It’s not too late, but we need to act now and it’s for this reason I’m so passionate about the No More Knives tour.’

It is hoped to roll the tour out across the whole of Manchester and beyond, reaching tens of thousands of young people. Please pray for our missions teams as they gear up to take the tour’s message into schools, and that we’ll see youth culture changed for good.