Higher South Wales: Bringing God’s Value to Lives - The Message
Amongst Wolves in school
16 Jan 2019

Higher South Wales: Bringing God’s Value to Lives

Through Higher South Wales our teams were in front of 17,012 young people telling young people about the amazing news of the gospel. Andy, drummer of mission team Amongst Wolves, shares a story from the tour.

‘During one lesson on identity, I was asked to go and chat to Joseph*. He was very shy and timid but wanted to chat.  He opened up about his struggles with mental health and how his mum was seriously ill. It was easy to see the huge burdens he was carrying around. He let me pray for him and his mum.

‘Not wanting this to be the end of our conversation and for him to learn more about Jesus’ love for him, I gave him a free ticket to the gig and encouraged him to come along … and he did!

‘As soon as I got off the stage, I saw him hanging around at the back. He didn’t look relaxed or happy but he was there.

‘A local youth worker and I went up to Joseph to talk to him. He told us that he felt empty and lost, and couldn’t see that he was of any value. As we chatted, I gave him a bible and we read parts of it together – showing him just how much value he has in God’s eyes.

‘After about 20 minutes he looked at us, and mumbled that he has value! It was a life changing moment for him. He began to say it more and more and smiled, for what seemed like, the first genuine smile in years, saying he could feel happy again.

‘Even better, he responded to the gospel call and accepted Jesus into his life and left the venue a changed bloke.’

*Names have been changed for the purpose of this story


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