'I can't stop reading my Bible!' - The Message
Christian youth evangelism
15 Sep 2020

‘I can’t stop reading my Bible!’

Covid-19 has by no means stopped us from sharing the good news of Jesus with young people, with our mission work moving fully online.

Last week, Daniel from BRIGHTLINE received a message from Max* a teenage lad who had watched one of the bands shows on Message Live. During this he’d responded to the gospel and clicked the link to be sent a Bible of his own.

In his message, Max said ‘Thanks for sending me my Bible, I can’t stop reading it! I don’t want to put it down, I’m so excited. I’ve got to the story of Noah so far, and it’s getting more and more interesting …’

Isn’t this exciting? Young people hungry and desperate to know more about Jesus and his love for them. And this is just one of many stories we can tell from what’s been happening online.

As they log on to watch shows, take part in Higher Life conversations, and watch our online concerts we’re seeing young people asking searching questions about God and making decisions to follow him, before getting fully involved in the follow up that’s being run. This is what it’s all about!

Find out how you can get the young people you know or your youth group involved in what’s happening on our Message Live page.

*Name has been changed.