‘I Choose To Follow Jesus, Even When It’s Tough’ - The Message
11 May 2021

‘I Choose To Follow Jesus, Even When It’s Tough’

Our Youth Conference is a real highlight of our calendar as hundreds of young people gather together to be encouraged in their faith and equipped for mission. And this year was no different. As our Youth Conference went online, we were able to reach more young people than ever.

Youth groups across the nation tuned in online and at in-person watch parties – many involving pizzas – for a day of teaching from Sammy and Mike Pilavachi, worship, fun and music. And we’ve had so many young people share how much they enjoyed the conference and what a difference it has made with their walk with Jesus.

‘I used to really struggle with the fear of being rejected. I couldn’t be myself around my friends, and I hid that I was a Christian in case they laughed at me. But after watching Mike’s chat with Andy, I realised that I could only have authentic friendships if I was honest with them about who I am. So, I prayed and now Jesus has given me the freedom and boldness to open up to my friends about him.’ – Katie, young person

‘The day has really affirmed my faith in Jesus. I have been going through some tough times in school being bullied for being a Christian and trying to live my life for Jesus. It’s been really hard, but I feel encouraged again to lay down my reputation at school to live a life that honours Jesus!’ – Jack, young person

‘I was so encouraged to hear how the young people were chatting with throughout the day. These discussions have opened up great opportunities for me to chat more with the young people about their faith and what it means to be a Christian today.’ – Toby, youth leader

We can’t wait to hear more stories of what God’s been doing in the lives of young people.


Did you miss the conference and want to catch up? Watch it right here.

Do any of your young people want to take the next step in following Jesus and take a gap year to grow and develop their evangelism skills? Why not point them towards our Message Academy programme? We have an online Open Day on 21 May 2021 where they can come and ask all their questions.