I Live In Blackpool - The Message
Local Christian mission

I Live In Blackpool

Partnering with churches and charities across the town we are serving the people of Trinity Parish, Blackpool.

Our team are out and about tidying gardens, providing activities for young people in the area, praying over the streets, sharing the love of Jesus to those in Trinity Parish and much more!

Our teams are available to:

  • Clear the streets of litter
  • Cut lawns and trim hedges
  • Pray for the people of Blackpool 
  • Make sure every person we connect with in Blackpool gets to hear how precious and loved they are by Jesus
  • And much more!

We’d love to help you if we can. If you feel you or anyone you know would benefit this or if there is anything else you feel you would like help with, please get in contact by emailing [email protected].