‘I Need To Become A Christian’ - The Message
09 Nov 2021

‘I Need To Become A Christian’

A couple of years ago, Paul – one of the Message In Prisons team – met Oli for the first time and we caught up with Paul to see how he was getting on.

‘I first met Oli when he was serving a sentence in the prison I work in, and we got chatting. It was quickly obvious that he’d had a tough time growing up, and his difficult family life had led to him feeling lost and broken. Ultimately, he was looking for something to have hope in.

‘Initially he didn’t want to know anything about Jesus, but as time went gone on, I got to know him better and he became more open about knowing more about God and came along to an Alpha course. Here he asked loads of questions, and by the end of the course he had responded to the gospel.

‘From there, Oli’s faith has just grown and he recently shared that he’d been praying for his brother Stefan who was constantly in and out of prisons and stuck in a cycle of crime and violence. Me and Oli prayed together that Stefan would come to the same prison as Oli, hear the gospel and become a Christian. Then a couple of weeks ago, Stefan arrived at the same prison as his brother and asked to chat to me. As he opened up about his life and some of the difficult things he and Oli had been through, Stefan said ‘I need to become a Christian. How do I do it?’

‘Not missing an opportunity, I told Stefan all about Jesus and let him know about a the4points course that was running. Stefan’s now coming along to the course meetings and has accepted Jesus into his life!

‘Every time I’m in prison I try and chat to Oli and Stefan. They are both different people who tell me how peaceful they feel and how they are full of a new hope for the future!’


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