‘I No Longer Want To Be Seen As A Violent Person’ - The Message
No More Knives in schools
01 Aug 2023

‘I No Longer Want To Be Seen As A Violent Person’

In the last month, we’re taken the No More Knives Tour to Cardiff, Tameside and Blackpool seeing over 13,300 students and what an amazing time it’s been!

As we’ve led sessions that equip young people to say ‘no’ to carrying a knife and show them how loved, valued and worthy of respect they are, we’ve seen students not only make amazing decisions to stand up against knife crime but to follow Jesus too. 

Whilst in a school in Cardiff, James from OTC shared his powerful testimony of how in the past he was involved with the wrong crowd and was stabbed. As he told his story, he could see young people being impacted by it. After class, one lad Josh came up to him and said, ‘I’ve been getting bullied outside of school and am really struggling with my mental health. I’ve been thinking about taking a knife and just stabbing my bully, but after today’s lesson, I definitely won’t do that. I don’t want to carry a knife or fight anyone. Your story has really helped me. Thanks for coming into our school today!’ 

And as the tours have continued, stories have kept pouring in. Another student handed in a balaclava after a lesson saying, ‘I’ve been trying to get people to see me as a violent person, but now I don’t want to do that anymore.’ He was able to get the support he needed from his teachers and make a positive decision that will help keep him and others safe. 

‘This tour’s brought our school community together with a sense of empathy and made our pupils want to do something to help’, one teacher said. ‘After the No More Knives Tour, our year 10 and 11 students decided to focus their GCSE Citizenship Project on raising awareness of knife crime and finding ways to stop young people from getting involved in it. Other students in the school are now also getting involved by volunteering to teach students about being safe in the community!’ How incredible! 

We’re determined to see a generation’s views on knives changed like this, but the true heart of each tour is to see the life of every young person we meet in school, impacted by Jesus. So, we invite every student along to an evangelistic gig where they can hear more music from our bands, and hear the gospel boldly proclaimed too. 

In the last month alone, we’ve seen so many young people wanting to come along to the gigs that on one tour we had to put on a second gig! As over 1,500 young people have come along, we’ve seen more than 280 respond to the gospel. And, with each tour being put on in partnership with local churches, every young person is now connected with somewhere they can get plugged into discipleship and grow in their faith! 

Please be praying for each person that’s heard the gospel and responded to it, that their decision will grow into lifelong discipleship. Be praying too for the tours we’re taking to London and Sunderland in coming months.


Find out more about No More Knives at message.org.uk/nomoreknives