I'm A Youth Worker - The Message

I’m A Youth Worker

Advance Youth exists to raise a generation of bold believers who live to advance the kingdom of God through the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Aaron’s Story

‘In 2017, after finishing university, I moved back to north London as a youth worker. After a while I had begun to grow tired of seeing ‘safe space’ youth work create nothing but apathy amongst young believers toward to gospel and the salvation of their friends.  

The problem was that I understood this feeling all too well. After my own experience of evangelism as a young person (a story that has come to be known as the banana story), I had sworn to myself that I would NEVER do evangelism again! However, I could not shake this frustration and God was breaking my heart for young people and the lost and I knew he was calling me into action. 

In 2018 I started Advance Youth with just eight young people and ran with the vision God had put in me. Advance Youth has since grown and is now growing across the nation and is part of the Advance network. 

We would love for you to be part of what God is doing & here is how.’

Advance – The Gathering

What is it?

Advance – The Gathering is heartbeat of what we do. The Gathering is designed as a monthly Saturday gathering (during term times) where young people (secondary school age, 11-18) are trained, equipped, and empowered to share the gospel with their friends, schools, and cities. As well as teaching and practical workshops, we also go out and practice what we’re learning by hitting the streets and taking the good news of Jesus outside the four walls of church.  

This has been pioneered in two locations, North London and Bedford. After a year of pioneering and growth we now have the vision to expand and have launched a new Advance Youth hub in the North East too. If you’d like to get involved or find out more drop us an email – [email protected]

Advance – The Scattering

What is it? 

Advance – The Scattering is summit of what we do. The Scattering is a nine day mission that happens in the summer holidays. It is for young people (11-18) who are looking to grow in their confidence in sharing the gospel, put their faith into action, and live the stories we see  in the book of Acts rather than just read them. It is a week to see the kingdom of God  advance  through their words and actions.  The young people will be trained and equipped for mission and evangelism and then make it a reality.  

It happens in three parts;  

1. Training Weekend  

Young people from all over the place come together to worship, have a load of fun and be equipped and trained for mission. They sleep on site and have all meals provided for them. They will then be placed into teams and with Advance Youth leaders (we always make sure they are placed with a few people they know) and prepared to be sent out.  

2. Mission Week  

They then spend a week placed with a local church with their DBS checked, safeguard trained Advance Youth leaders where they will be housed and have all meals provided for them whilst they head out each day to share the gospel of Jesus in word and deed.  

3. Celebration  

At the end of the week all teams come back together for a night of worship and celebration where we hear the stories and testimonies from all the young people with the parents present.  

There really is nothing quite like it. Last year we saw 40 young people sent on mission and over a week they shared the Gospel with over 1,000 people, lead just over 30 people to Jesus, saw God do the craziest things (including some miracles of healing) and use them in ways they didn’t think were possible.  

Advance – In Schools

What is it? 

Advance – In Schools is the overflow of what we do. As a result of what we do in training young people in evangelism we encourage them to start up a mission team in their School. To the school we call it a Christian Union, but to the young person it is a mission team. We do not go into the school but we will meet with the young person once a month to coach them through setting one up, running it, keeping the focus of it evangelistic and handing it over.  

We have found it increasingly hard to share the gospel in School but have found that if we train out young people well and encourage them that they do have the freedom to share the gospel in School. It is peer to peer evangelism, young people leading young people to Jesus.  

How Can I Get Involved?

We would love you and your youth group to get involved. To find out more email us at [email protected]