Introducing… OTC - The Message
29 Jan 2020

Introducing… OTC

As we approach the beginning of the Higher 2020 Tour, we’re excited to announce the launch of new mission band – OTC.

OTC are made up of three members – Gina, Aidan and James. They’ll be combining afropop and rap to deliver great music and a message of freedom to young people across the country. 

In January, they performed live for the first time and went into schools as part of the No More Knives tour in Manchester.

Meet the team


‘God set me free from things I never imagined possible. Destructive mental health issues, relationship breakdowns, lies around my self worth! I’m super stoked to be a member of OTC and share how that freedom and living in relationship with God is for everyone.’


‘Hey my name is James I was born in Sierra Leone but grew up in the UK. I started following Jesus six yeas ago and since then I have this passion to reach out to young people trapped in hard situations. I love telling people about Jesus because he set me free from the destructive lifestyle I was living. It’s amazing being part of OTC because we get to go in schools and challenging neighbourhoods, using music to reach out to young people.’


‘I was born and raised in North London but began to find myself involved with an unhealthy lifestyle. Just over two years ago I started my journey with Jesus. I was removed from addiction and the mentally destructive lifestyle I was caught up in. I’m looking forward to sharing with everybody how my life has been brought into freedom through a relationship with God and reaching those that struggled with similar experiences.’ 


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