It Started With Hot Chocolate - The Message
12 Oct 2023

It Started With Hot Chocolate

A couple of years ago, Eden Top Valley launched in Nottingham, and immediately started serving hot chocolate to their community.

Each Friday, they put a table up outside their church, and gave out free hot chocolate, piled high with cream and marshmallows, to people who passed. Quickly, they saw not only young people rushing to get their drinks, but families and younger kids too. As they did this, the Eden team got chatting to everyone they met, and started to build friendships with them.

Having got to know loads of young people, team have launched a new Friday night youth group – Friday Hub – that’s all about telling them more about Jesus. Each week, they’re seeing more and more young people turn up. As each one comes along for the first time, they’re given a warm welcome but also told that the evening is all about giving them a chance to ask their questions about Christianity. ‘I know, I want to find out more about Jesus,’ is the response they hear time and again.

And as the young people hear the good news of Jesus, they’re responding to the gospel. From there, whole families are being impacted. 

The Eden Top Valley team have seen so many people wanting to explore faith further that they’re just about to launch a Youth Alpha course at Friday Hub, with plans to run an Alpha course for others in their community in the coming months.


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