Lent 2020

As we approach Easter, remembering Jesus’ death and celebrating his resurrection, we’ll be publishing a new reflection each Sunday in Lent to encourage you.

We can sometimes find ourselves caught between the old and the new, between what we hoped for and what we experience. The point where these two meets can be thought of as intersections. So how do we navigate times and places like this?

Jesus often surprised his followers by turning what they thought they knew upside down. This Lent we’ll be thinking more about these times of intersection and looking at what the Bible has to say about them.

Lent Reflections

Sorrow | Celebration

Sarah Small, Head of Eden, shares the last of our Lent reflections on sorrow and celebration in a time of Covid-19.

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Heaven | Earth

Ben Jack, Head of Advance, shares the next of our Lent reflections on when heaven and earth intercede.

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Mission | Discipleship

Lucy McMillan, National Higher Coordinator, shares the next of our Lent reflections on the intersection of mission and discipleship.

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