Letters of Hope - The Message
15 Dec 2020

Letters of Hope

With activities and visits cancelled, and men and women in prison having to spend even more time than before in their cells to stop to spread of Covid, our work sharing the love and hope of Jesus to prisoners is more essential than ever. One of the many things we’ve been doing is sending letters and encouragements to prisoners, and as we’ve written lives have been changed.

One guy the team have been writing to is Gareth*. As he wrote he shared about how one of his close friends had been diagnosed with a tumour, but that as soon as he’d heard this news he felt like he needed to pray about it.

From there his passion for prayer has exploded.

As our letters to Gareth continued, we were able to encourage him in his faith, and as he learnt to read the Bible and pray. Despite being confined to his cell for 23 hours a day, Gareth gave away his TV saying: ‘with a TV, I don’t spend enough time with God and it’s a distraction. My routine is now Wake, wash, pray, read Bible, exercise, write letters, pray, read Bible & Christian books and pray. I pray a lot. No Joke! To be honest, I’ve never, ever felt better in my life.

It’s amazing to hear how people in prisons are still coming to know Christ and lives are being transformed for good.

*Name changed