Life Changing Decisions In Blackpool - The Message
23 Jan 2024

Life Changing Decisions In Blackpool

Five schools, 3,430 students, a sold-out gig in the Blackpool Tower and 136 responses to the gospel. OTC, NXT CHAPTR and Vonte Grace have kicked off the first No More Knives tour of the year and saw an incredible response. 

As bands head into schools for each tour, there are three key elements: lessons, an end-of-week gig, and follow up with church partners. And each of these has an impact…


As the teams headed into Blackpool schools last week, they shared testimonies, worked in partnership with the police to share facts about knife crime, and built relationships with the young people as they learnt the importance of saying ‘no’ to knives. 

One lad they met had got caught up into a life of carrying, and even selling, knives. He went into the No More Knives lesson, he heard about the devastating impact this can have, was struck by the powerful stories and knew he needed to stop. Afterwards, he spoke to his teachers and the police officer to get help and support so that he can continue to make good decisions!

‘That was the best lesson I’ve ever been in!’

End-of-week gig

At the end of the week, the OTC, NXT CHAPTR and Vonte Grace headed to Blackpool Tower to put on a high-energy gig where they boldly proclaimed the gospel to a sold-out venue with 488 young people. 

‘The kids were buzzing to get in. Afterwards, I heard that two of them bought the £2 tickets off their friends at £10 each because they were so desperate to be in the room! I wish we’d known this, as we would’ve given them a £2 ticket each!’ Ty from NXT CHAPTR said.

‘It’s really hard to put into words what it’s like at these gospel events. For me, it’s so exciting to see them excited, and when they go home even more hyped because they have said yes to Jesus, that’s what it’s all about’.

On Friday, when the team shared the gospel, 136 young people responded, and 169 bibles were given away! Please be praying for these young people as they join local youth group events and start their journey of discipleship. 

Follow up 

In Blackpool, like all mission, we worked in partnership with local churches to plan follow up events so young people get plugged into their local church straight away. After this tour, our partner churches in Blackpool have come together to hold a social for those who came to the gig, and we can’t wait to hear stories of how these young people grow in their faith.

We’re also excited that we’ll get to go back into a number of Blackpool schools again. Three of them have asked for the Respect ME programme. This means we’ll be able to meet these young people again, empowering them to make good choices about sex and relationships, identity and mental wellbeing, as well as tell them more about their value in God and how loved they are by Him. 

The team are on tour again this week in Glasgow. Please be praying for amazing conversations and opportunities to see young people say yes to Jesus.