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Reaching young people with the good news of Jesus and equipping you for mission, Message Live is now online!

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From Monday – Friday every week, we’ll be sharing power-packed and inspiring teaching from some of the world’s best teachers that equips and fires us all up to go and share the love of Jesus with our friends, families, communities and the world.

And then, every evening we’ll be handing Message Live over to our creative mission bands, who will be sharing their music and the gospel with young people. Tens of thousands of young people will hear about Jesus and the hope he offers them for themselves. But as well as introducing them to faith, we want to see every decision to turn into lifelong discipleship. So discipling young people and connecting them with their local church will be at the heart of our programmes too.

How do I get involved?


Go to our YouTube channel and subscribe to it so that you can find out about the programmes that are coming.


Head onto social media and like/follow our pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so that you get to know the latest news about Message Live as it’s announced.


We want to see countless young people reached with the gospel. Tell your friends, church and young people about Message Live and help us transform lives

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There’s so many different ways you can get involved with The Message, find out how you can get involved.




Higher Live

Crazy Karaoke Summer Special
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Tue 3




BrightLine Youtube: 03/08/2021

Fri 6


Advance Passion

Advance YouTube: 06/08/2021

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Check out all of what Message Live has to offer. Whether you’re looking for challenging teaching, impactful stories or equipping resources for you and your young people, we are sure you will find something that you can get your teeth stuck into!