'Loving Our Community Through God's Eyes' - The Message
03 Mar 2020

‘Loving Our Community Through God’s Eyes’

Eden Farnworth is the latest Eden team to launch in the North West of England. Shaleen and her husband Grant lead the team in this community and share a part of their journey in how this came to be:

‘Our journey to the Eden Team in Farnworth has been longer than we anticipated. We have known for some years that God had set aside something special – we waited and waited but nothing came of it. We thought we had somehow got our calling wrong.  

‘However, at the end of 2018, Grant had a significant birthday and a group of men gathered to celebrate with him. A time of prayer was held and God spoke through the men’s prayers. They shared how God had revealed to them that we would be church planters and community builders. Within a month, in January 2019, Grant believed God had called him to give up his job of 13 years. This was the first time in his adult life he faced being unemployed. Although our financial circumstances became shaky and uncertain, we had a deep sense of peace and weren’t afraid. We knew we were on the right path.

‘Six months later, our pastor mentioned Eden to us. The next day we went online and contacted The Message and within a month were invited to shadow an Eden team in Manchester. We knew after just a few hours with the team that this is what God was calling us to. We applied for the Team Leader role at Farnworth and three months later moved from Surrey to Farnworth to head up a new Eden team.

‘Our partner church is Farnworth Baptist Church (also known as The Well). The church is heavily involved in the Farnworth community and it’s been great to see all that is currently being done to support our community. This includes a foodbank, coffee shop, ESOL classes and a work club to mention just a few of the activities.

‘Our area of focus is the Flower Estate and adjoining Campbell Street area.  Our mission statement is Loving our community through God’s eyes and seeing it blossom into its full potential.’


Find out more about Eden by heading to joineden.org