Making The Choice To Live - The Message
09 Feb 2021

Making The Choice To Live

Last month missions team Amongst Wolves launched their new track Voices and the #ChooseToLive campaign encouraging people to flood social media with messages of hope and encouragement that will reach out to people in their darkest months, whilst also pointing people to the love and hope of Jesus.

As the campaign continues, we’re hearing stories how hope is breaking through into people’s lives as they open up about how they are feeling.

A couple of weeks ago, Amongst Wolves were contacted by Louise* who was finding she was spending most of her days in tears and shared how she was getting overwhelmed by thoughts of ending her life. One night, despite never using Instagram or following Amongst Wolves on their social media, Louise opened Instagram on her phone and the first thing she saw was the #ChooseToLive campaign. As she explored further, Louise was encouraged by the messages of hope she saw and now believes God used that moment to speak to her and remind her that He is always there. She’s now chatting with the team, getting the support she needs and is keen to find out more about Jesus’ love for her.

Josh* was another person who saw the campaign on social media. Struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts he had decided that the world would be better off without him. But he saw one of the messages shared as part of #ChooseToLive and contacted Amongst Wolves. The band were able to remind him how loved he is and how precious his life is to God, and helped him make a plan so that he could face each day.

‘God didn’t give me my life for no reason or for me to take my own life – God gave me my life for a reason!’ – Young person

What amazing stories to hear! Please do keep praying that as the campaign continues, many more people will find their hope in Jesus and choose to live.


Want to get involved in #ChooseToLive? Why not post a message of hope on social media with the hashtag #ChooseToLive. Find out more about the campaign here and listen to ‘Voices’ by Amongst Wolves here.