Message Academy: Seeing young people come to Jesus - The Message
19 Nov 2019

Message Academy: Seeing young people come to Jesus

Our Message Academy students are currently two months into their year of being trained and equipped for the front line of mission. One of these students shares a short testimony of how she’s seen God at work through one of her mission placements…

‘Every week myself and two other students help to run a youth group in South Manchester. I’ve found this to be quite challenging. The young people are constantly unsettled, playing on their phone and talking over the adults. 

‘However, we recently had the mission team Amongst Wolves come along to play some music and deliver the gospel. I was hesitant at first as I didn’t know how the young people would respond. But as the band played and Mark (band member) excellently shared the gospel, I turned to another of the youth leaders and said ‘wow, these kids are so quiet and engaged!’ She told me how she’d never seen these young people this focussed on what was being shared. And to top it all off, seven young people responded to the gospel! It was so exciting to be a part of this and see these young people start their journey with God!’


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