More Than Music - The Message
09 Apr 2024

More Than Music

Every week young people come along to Genetik to learn more about music, dance and production. As they’re having fun, they not only hear about Jesus but are discovering a new boldness to talk to their mates about him too.

Callum is one lad who’s been coming along to the music production classes. As he chatted to the team, he realised that his faith wasn’t something he should keep to himself, so found the courage to ask teachers if he could start a CU in his school. Amazingly they said ‘yes’.

The first lunchtime, Callum expected a couple of his friends to turn up, but over 45 people came along! One of them was a teacher who told Callum that because he’d gathered people to talk about Jesus, she was starting to think about her own faith again too. We’re excited to see the ripple effects of Callum sharing his faith in school as his mates and teachers also find Jesus. And Callum isn’t the only young person from Genetik who has been sharing about God in school.

Alex has also been chatting to his friend at school, not knowing how tough she was finding life. As they talked, she shared that she’d been in a dark place and been struggling with suicidal thoughts. Having heard at Genetik about how Jesus’ love is for everyone and no-one is ever alone, Alex was able to share this with her. A week later, she came up to Alex wanting to know more about Jesus and asking if he could get her a Bible as she wanted to read it and become a Christian.

‘As well as hearing stories about how God’s using young people, we love seeing them get involved in church too,’ shared Tomi, from mission band OTC. ‘Amaya’s been coming along to Genetik to learn how to play the drums. Knowing how much she was loving drumming, she asked at her church if she could play in the services and was thrilled when they said yes. Over the past couple of months, we’ve not only seen her confidence increase massively but also her desire for God, which is what it’s all about.’


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