Multiplication During Crisis - The Message
26 Oct 2020

Multiplication During Crisis

Across the world life has changed for almost everyone as the global pandemic we’re living through has brought grief and hardship. No place is left untouched. As crisis hit, people started searching for why this was happening and questioning the meaning of life. Online church attendance soared and people cried out in prayer.

In the face of this we’ve seen evangelists rise up. Searching for training and encouragement they’ve got in touch with Advance Groups, and we’re now seeing groups grow at their fastest rate ever, both here in the UK and overseas.

‘The world desperately needs to hear about Jesus and to do this we need to tell them. I can’t put into words how exciting it is to be getting calls and emails from across the globe from people desperate to be equipped to share their faith. On our last count we had almost 500 groups, training and equipping almost 3,000 evangelists in 32 countries. Gospel proclamation on this scale is potentially world-changing,’ said Ben Jack, Head of Advance.

One story from one of our Poland groups gives a glimpse of what’s happening: ‘During our mission week in Żyrardów we had an opportunity to preach the gospel to a number of young people. We prayed with many of them and witnessed God healing them in a miraculous way – especially one girl with a dislocated shoulder who was healed, but not only her – there were others, struggling with physical pain and anxiety who have been healed and others who gave their lives to Jesus!’


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