‘My Life Is So Much Better With Jesus’ - The Message
18 May 2021

‘My Life Is So Much Better With Jesus’

Every day we are seeing new members signed up across our eight Community Groceries. As well as accessing fresh and affordable food, all our members are getting to hear the gospel and many are accepting Jesus into their lives!

228 members have come along to online the4points courses in the past few weeks. As each has logged on, they’ve heard more about Christianity and Jesus’ love for them. And at the Victory Outreach Community Grocery in Salford, five members have just been baptised!

It’s amazing to celebrate all that God is doing. We caught up with one of our team, Jane, to hear more:

‘It’s been such a privilege to see God at work through the Community Groceries! I recently met Chelsea* and Dawn* who shared with me the difficult situations they were facing. As I chatted with them about the hope, peace and love that Jesus offers to us all, they wanted to know more about God and to accept Jesus into their lives. As we prayed a prayer of salvation together, Chelsea said how it felt like a weight had lifted from her shoulders and she felt less anxious and full of hope! After chatting with them for a while and giving them a pack of resources including a Bible and journal, they left feeling encouraged and excited to learn more about God.

‘A couple of days later, Chelsea popped back in store and said how every prayer she wrote in her journal since accepting Jesus had been answered! She excitedly shared about how she miraculously got the money she needed to buy a car, and was able to get a better one than she thought. She also opened up about some family difficulties being eased! Chelsea has been so encouraged by God’s faithfulness and love for her and can’t wait to come along to church and bring her whole family along!’

‘A few weeks ago, another lady Debs* responded to the gospel whilst doing her shopping! So filled with God’s love and wanting others to hear too, she started bringing her daughter Sharon* and friend Emily* along with her as she shopped so that they could hear about Jesus too. On one visit, both Sharon and Emily accepted Jesus into their lives and have since got stuck in with our online discipleship courses and are both desperate to learn more about Christianity.

‘Only last week, Sharon came back in store to chat to me about how much better her life is now she knows Jesus, and Emily’s mum even popped by to say how Emily is transformed since becoming a Christian saying that her anxieties and stresses seem to have melted away!’


What amazing stories and we are hearing more and more each day so please do be praying for those who are encountering Jesus through the groceries! Are you inspired by these stories and want to get stuck in with your local grocery? Why not click here to see how you can get involved by volunteering, donating food or even starting a grocery in your community!

*names changed