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No More Knives

We know that a multi-agency approach is needed to tackle knife crime, which is what we do through the No More Knives tour.

Partnership is at our heart. For each tour, The Message Trust partner with local police forces and Councils and together we head into schools to run lessons and assemblies for students that equip and empower them with the skills and knowledge they need to say no to knives.

‘Tackling violence and reducing the number of people injured by knives are key elements of creating communities where people are safe. The No More Knives tour gets to the heart of the problem and their trained and experienced facilitators enable the issues to be discussed. They keep it real and their own personal life experiences connect with young people. I whole heartedly recommend them.’

Andrew Pratt MBE, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire

From The Message side, each lesson features powerful stories from former gang members about the devastating impact knives had on their lives, as well as music and teaching that educated them on how they can be part of the solution.

Police representatives then get to educating young people about what the law says about knife crime and how young people can be protecting themselves.

The impact is huge. We’ve seen weapons safely handed in, young people seeking help to break free of the negative behaviours they’re trapped in and decide to turn their lives around.

We’d love to partner with you to bring the No More Knives tour to young people near you.

“Knife crime continues to be an issue, not just in Lancashire but across the country. It is not something that one agency or organisation alone can fix, and it is vital that a wide range of support for young people can be provided. The No More Knives tour offers something different as part of that, providing positivity and mentorship to young people in a really engaging way that connects with them”.

Dave Oldfield, Violence Reduction Network Chief Inspector, Lancashire Police