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No More Knives

Testimonials From The No More Knives Tour

What students have said

‘I was helped to make the right choices in life and get a better future too.’


‘I was always attracted to the idea of a knife, but now I no longer am.’


What schools have said

‘We were lucky enough to secure performances of No More Knives for our Year 9 and 10 students. It was so impressive to see how instantly engaged the students were with what is an incredibly sensitive but important message. This hit the sweet spot between making the message as hard hitting as it needs to be and ensuring that it remained accessible and avoided lecturing. A superb event that I recommend without hesitation.’

Chris Corbett, Co-op Academy Walkden

‘The No More Knives Tour is more than just a message, more than a workshop. This is real – real stories and real people. The students left with a real topic of conversation and understanding of how to make better choices. This tour is a lifeline to many students who needed to hear and say “No More Knives”. Should anyone have the opportunity to attend this tour I urge you to work with The Message Trust and give your students the experience and support. Thank you to everyone for helping the people of today be the role models of tomorrow.’

Owen McGrattan, Oasis Academy

What our partners have said

‘Our young people loved their first session, what a success! Thank you for helping us make a difference by sharing such an important and emotional message with our young people. It was a great opportunity for them.’

Chelsea Dean, Manchester Settlement 

‘In my past 15 years of Policing the Tameside area this has been by far the best community based event I have been part of. The presentation and engagement with the students has been outstanding and it’s clear to me that this is something we need to invest in for the community of Tameside.’

John Terry, Greater Manchester Police

‘Tackling violence and reducing the number of people injured by knives are key elements of creating communities where people are safe. The No More Knives tour gets to the heart of the problem and their trained and experienced facilitators enable the issues to be discussed. They keep it real and their own personal life experiences connect with young people. I wholeheartedly recommend them.’

Andrew Pratt MBE, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire