No More Knives - The Message
No More Knives

Knife crime and the devastating impact it has on lives is never far from the headlines. Something must change, so the No More Knives tour is heading into high schools to show young people there is another way.

Combining music with powerful stories and teaching, we deliver lessons and assemblies that equip young people with the skills and knowledge they need to say no to knives and start to discover their full value and identity.

Following the schools week, we book a major venue to invite students along to a concert by the bands they’ve met in school and featuring guest speakers. And all this is done in partnership with the local police force and Councils.

‘The No More Knives tour is more than just a message, more than a workshop. This is real, real stories and real people. Students left with a real topic of conversation and understanding how to make better choices. This tour is a lifeline to many students who needed to hear and say ‘no more knives’.

Oasis Academy

Winner of the Spirit of Salford Best Community Safety Project Award, 2023

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How long will the programme last?

We encourage each school to allow the programme to be delivered to every student in one day through back-to-back lessons e.g. period 1 with Year 7s, period 2 with Year 8s etc.

What will schools need to provide?

We will need access to the main hall for two hours before the first session to do sound checks, and will need access to a projector and screen for the media presentations. During the day, our team will advertise the gig following the tour and sell tickets in the school or via a cashless system.

How much will it cost?

The cost to bring the tour (including a band, guest speakers and production) per
day per school is £1500.

Where possible we will look to get funding from the local council and Police.

How can I book the tour to come to my school?

Please contact to discuss dates and booking.

What’s Next?

Find out more about the tour and book us to come to your school by emailing