One Month In - The Message
14 Apr 2021

It’s one month since the Ragworth Community Grocery opened its doors so we caught up with Eden Ragworth Team leader, Paul Connor, to hear about some of the amazing things God is doing through the new Grocery.

‘As Eden has been working and serving the area for the last 5 years the ground is ready. People in the community know that we are Christians and that we are always here for them. Today we had someone from the local community come into the store and ask for a Bible, so we were able to give her a pack and have a great conversation with her about Jesus. These answers to prayer have really raised everyone’s faith levels.

‘We pray together every morning, and two of our volunteers have seen answers to prayer. For example, one volunteer’s son was struggling to get help with something and the day after they prayed he got the help he needed! After much prayer, another has seen her relationship restored with her non-Christian sister after a chance meeting in the shop, since then they have been spending quality time together.

‘We have been able to pray with our regular customers too, supporting them through difficult times, such as bereavement.

‘The shop has only been open for a few weeks and daily we have seen God’s provision. Once the Shack can open up fully, everyone is very excited to see all the things our partner church and the Eden team are going to be doing, as we open up the cafe, run courses, lunch-clubs and other projects.’

The Message Community Grocery is currently also working in partnership with Eden teams in Hexham and Netherton, with new groceries launching in next few months! Do be praying for the teams as they show the love of Jesus in word and deed each day in the Groceries.


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