Pressing Into Prayer - The Message

Pressing Into Prayer

As Covid restrictions lift in, we’re able to take our prisons work to the next level and we’re seeing God do amazing things.

Last week, Nick from mission team Vital Signs was in a local prison performing his gospel-packed music, sharing his testimony and praying for people. Incredibly, 70 people came and as Nick shared about the good news of Jesus and what he’s done in his life, 63 people responded to the gospel! Many have signed up to come along to the Alpha courses running in the prison where they can get their questions answered. One of these is Sean who got chatting to Nick after the gig saying ‘I now understand more about who God is and feel like I have more hope for the future.’

And we’re seeing lives changed right across the UK.

In Yorkshire, our Message in Prisons team got chatting to Gabe who wanted to find out more about prayer. Wanting to know more about why we pray, how it changes things and hearing about how God loves it when we talk to him, the conversation led to praying for forgiveness. Gabe wanted to pray that he’d have God’s forgiveness for his crimes but also to pray for the victim’s family and friends. So he prayed with the team. What an amazing time! Our team are continuing to work with Gabe and telling him more about Jesus.