Restoring Hope Through Love Where U Live - The Message
13 Jul 2021

Restoring Hope Through Love Where U Live

We’ve a summer jam-packed with outreach ahead as Love Where U Live missions take place right across the UK. These kicked off a couple of weeks ago in Wales when our team took to the streets of Grangetown (Cardiff) showing the love of Jesus through word and action with everyone they met.

On day one, they visited Carys who needed help with her garden. Living with her elderly parents who are homebound and in need of constant care, Carys was unable to look after the garden herself and it had become completely overgrown to the point where it was unsafe to use. As the team chatted with her, Carys shared that she had been quoted over £2,000 by someone to come and clear it for her and that she had lost hope of ever getting it sorted before she met our team.

After two solid days of clearing the garden, cutting down weeds and filling countless bins, enough space had been cleared that Carys’ parents were able to go into the garden and relax. And Carys herself was beyond grateful for the help. But we didn’t just to leave it there – one volunteer Diana, who had been chatting with the family as she worked, went back to give Carys some flowers and share her testimony with her, and more about what Jesus has done for her. After having some great gospel-filled conversations, our team are continuing to build a friendship with Carys and they can’t wait to tell her more about God and get her connected with a local church.


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