Salvation On The Streets - The Message
27 Apr 2021

Salvation On The Streets

This year has been a little different for our Academy students but even the coronavirus has not stopped them taking to the streets boldly proclaiming the gospel! And God has moved in amazing ways, bringing new hope to those they’ve been meeting.

One of our students, Max, recently shared a powerful story with us where a guy on the streets in Manchester wanted to give his life to Jesus:

‘For the last few weeks, I’ve been going out into Manchester City Centre with Lauren – another Academy student – and her friend Katherine to chat to people and chat about Jesus with them. During this time, God has been giving us many opportunities to plant seeds, invite people along to church and I have even seen a few people give their lives to Jesus!

‘Ray* is one guy I met who particularly stood out to me. He was homeless and had been sitting right next to the spot we were sharing about Jesus, so Lauren and I decided to sit down with him and get to know him. After chatting for a while, it turned out that Ray remembered the World Wide Message Tribe from his teenage years as they had come to perform in his school! Ray remembered a bit of their teaching about God, and Lauren was able to share the gospel with him and prayed with him. We also asked if he wanted to give his life to Jesus, but Ray said he didn’t feel ready to do that just yet – he still felt unsure if Christianity was for him. After saying goodbye, we were a bit upset because we could feel that Ray had been so close to giving his life to Jesus.

‘But that same night, Katherine went back into Manchester and God told her to go back to the place where we met Ray earlier in the day. When she got there, she spotted Ray who asked her how he could give his life to Jesus because he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him for the whole day! He accepted Jesus into his life there and then!’


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