6,000 Encouraged To Put Down Knives - The Message
19 Oct 2021

6,000 Encouraged To Put Down Knives

We’ve just finished our No More Knives Tour in schools across Salford – a week dedicated to equipping young people with the skills and knowledge they need to say no to knives and start to discover their full value and identity.

As our bands and teams have led lessons, performed gospel-filled tracks and shared personal stories and facts and stats about knife crime, over 6,000 young people were encouraged to lay their knives down and equipped to resolve situations without aggression. And that’s not all, through the tour we’ve also seen over 150 young people respond to the gospel!

Through partnering with Greater Manchester Police, Salford City Council, Mark Bracewell, Mo Timbo and more, we’ve taken the No More Knives Tour to over 6,000 young people, equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to say no to knives and start to discover their full value and identity.

Casey in one of the young people teams met in schools. After band OTC had finished a lesson, she came up to them and shared, ‘I have social anxiety and normally feel really nervous and insecure but when you performed your No More Knives track and invited people up to the front to dance, I was so full of joy and excitement and danced in front of everyone – I’ve never done that before. I can’t believe how peaceful I felt and I can’t wait to come along to more of your gigs and hear more about Jesus!’

Casey then came along to gig on Friday and heard the gospel boldly shared from the stage and is excited to find out more about Jesus.

In the week, OTC also met Amira who got chatting to band member James about how she was brought up in a Muslim family but had discovered Jesus’ love for her and accepted him into her life. Amira had many questions about forgiveness and how to make good choices in life and, opened up about how her brother had got involved in gangs and seemed really lost. OTC were able to share more about the love, peace and forgiveness Jesus offers, pray with Amira about her brother and invite her along to the Friday gig. She came along and can’t wait to share all that she’s learned about Jesus with her brother.

And it’s not just been young people’s lives that have been changed! In one school, teacher Sarah grabbed team member Emma after the No More Knives session ended and said, ‘The Message changed my life!’ As Emma chatted with her, Sarah said that she’d come from a broken family and as a teenager was getting involved with the wrong people until she came along to youth sessions on the Message Bus! From then on, she was able to turn her life around and although she hadn’t yet given her life to Jesus, seeing The Message again in school for the tour has inspired her to find out more about Jesus and Sarah now wants to get the Respect ME teams back into her school to lead more lessons!


The No More Knives tour is back again in November heading to 20 schools across Blackburn and Darwen. Find out more and get involved at message.org.uk/nomoreknives