Sent And Scattered - The Message
17 Aug 2021

Sent And Scattered

Advance THE SCATTERING is underway equipping and sending out young people to share their faith in their communities. The stories of what’s been happening have been flooding in!

In Teesside, Denzel met Ryan and started chatting about Jesus. As they talked, Ryan said that he’d prayed the night before ‘God, if you’re real, come into my life’ only to have met Denzel and other Advance Youth the next day! Denzel grabbed the opportunity to tell Ryan about Jesus, prayed for him and left feeling so encouraged by how God used him in that moment to show Ryan that he was real!

And in Barnet, seeing how God was using her friends, Tomi prayed that God would use her too to share his love. Despite being really shy and nervous Tomi took to the streets and met Yusuf, a practicing Muslim who was really open to hearing more about Jesus and Christianity! As they chatted, Tomi felt led to pray for Yusuf, which he was really open to!

And this is only the beginning of what’s planned for this summer, and we are excited to see young people across the UK raised up and sent out to make disciples of all nations for Jesus.


Why not get involved with Advance Youth’s THE SCATTERING this summer at or get stuck in with an Advance Group and grow in your evangelism at