Sharing Jesus In Prison - The Message
25 May 2021

Sharing Jesus In Prison

As restrictions lift, many of our prisons teams have been able to head back into prisons across the UK sharing the gospel with everyone they meet. As they build relationships and chat about the love and hope Jesus offers, lives are being transformed.

Jay* is one lad the team have met. Having had a bad experience of church in the past he decided to come along to our chapel group to give prayer ‘one last go’. As he explored more about Jesus and how he died for us, something seemed to click for Jay and his face started to light up. At the end of the session, we prayed as a group and Jay started to experience a ‘strange sensation’ that he couldn’t explain. Rosie, one of our team, chatted to him about the Holy Spirit and as she prayed with him again he experienced the same feeling! Since then, Jay has kept going along to chapel and is chatting to the team about all his questions and his whole appearance, outlook and attitude has changed since he encountered the Holy Spirit for the first time!

Elsewhere, the team met Davey* who told them he loved writing rap music so they suggested that he spent some time writing a rap based on his reflections from one of their bible studies he’d been along to. A few days later, he came rushing back into the group with a very personal interpretation of the passage saying the process had built his confidence to read the Bible on his own! Now Davey is making huge strides in his faith and can’t wait to learn more about Jesus.

Please keep praying for our prisons teams as they boldly proclaim the gospel and build relationships with those they meet in prison each day.


Do you have a heart for reaching young offenders with the good news of Jesus? If so, why not consider volunteering with us as we share the hope and peace of Jesus in prisons across the UK. Find out more here.

*Names have been changed.