SoulBox: A Lasting Impact - The Message
09 Jul 2019

SoulBox: A Lasting Impact

Sammy, from mission team SoulBox, shares a recent story of how they’re seeing the lasting impact of their work and how God is in the business of transformation…

‘Every year SoulBox head to Spree – a three-day Christian festival. This year we met an 18-year-old girl. As we spoke she told us that three years before she had met Jon and Ben (members of SoulBox). They talked to her for hours, and she shared how that conversation helped her through a very tough time. She’d been abused and suffered with mental health issues. But off the back of that conversation, three years before, she decided to go deeper in her relationship with God. Since then, she’s dedicated her life to helping other young people who have been through similar situations to herself and now feels like there is hope for the future! 

‘This year at Spree she came along as one of the youth leaders! Myself and Ben were then able to affirm and confirm what God’s doing in her life. It’s so amazing and encouraging to hear stories and see lives transformed through Jesus’


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