Stepping Out In Faith - The Message
23 Apr 2024

Stepping Out In Faith

Message School of Evangelism students have been stepping out of their comfort zones to share the hope and peace of Jesus with total strangers. As they do this, they’re seeing God speak to them and through them, helping them share his good news in all situations. We caught up with students Reuben and Naomi to hear how they’ve been putting their faith into action.

As Reuben and Naomi headed towards Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester City centre, they prayed God would nudge them towards who they needed to speak to. As they did, they felt God give them a picture of a pink, green and white scarf and a man walking a black and grey dog. When they got to town, they saw a woman who was wearing a pink, green and white scarf and got talking to her. Naomi got to share a word of encouragement and they offered to pray for her. After they’d prayed, the lady’s face lit up and she gave them both hugs as she was filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit. 

They carried on walking around and praying, keeping their eyes open for the man with the dog, and in the meantime got chatting to some teenage lads. As they shared the4points, one lad was on the brink of tears as he heard about the hope Jesus offers. Reuben got talking to Micah, who shared what was going on in his life. Reuben got a chance to share the gospel and pray but whilst Micah wanted to find out more about Jesus, he wasn’t ready to make the commitment there and then. He said he was definitely going to go to church to find out more and the students shared details for local services happening for Micah to go to.

Afterwards, Reuben and Naomi spotted a man walking a black and grey dog. They knew this was who God had shown a picture of and so headed over to chat. He was really touched and thankful as they prayed with him and invited him to church.

How amazing is it that these students are listening to God and sharing the gospel at every opportunity they get! Please be praying for everyone they’ve met, that they’ll come along to church and accept the love Jesus offers.


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