Summertime in Ladbroke Grove - The Message
The Eden bus

Summertime in Ladbroke Grove

Over the summer, Eden Ladbroke Grove (London) ran a mission week with the Eden Bus along with N:serve to reach out to their community and share the good news of Jesus. Team leader Ste shares the highs and lows from the week and how it reminded him of how God’s plans are much higher than ours…

‘We had such a good week seeing God turn up and seeing people respond to his love in incredible ways.’

‘There were so many set-backs leading up to the week. The location we originally wanted on the estate was turned down and trying to find an alternative place proved very difficult. Many emails and phone calls to the council resulted in ‘great idea, but unfortunately no’ – it was very discouraging to say the least. Then we contacted the guys at the Curve Community Centre and they graciously agreed for us to park our big double decker bus outside their car park.’

‘We had our plans but God had a different plan.’

‘The first day was also discouraging – only a small number of the community showed up and a number of people had an issue with us being there. One man challenged John (the bus manager) about sharing the gospel and another man challenged me about the age limit. Again, this was discouraging but we prayed and God had different plans.’

‘As the days went on, more and more young people came through the bus – 99 in total. Parents came along and were really encouraged by the bus and many heard the gospel that week. That would have been enough for me – but God blessed us even more. People were prayed for, including the man who challenged John earlier in the week, two teenage girls asked for prayer and attended the local Portuguese speaking church with one of our volunteers.’

As well as having the bus, the N:Serve team were out in the evenings engaging with the community in various ways…

‘One night they handed out chocolate with bible verses to bless the people they met. Another night they went out in teams with little prayer challenges – things like ‘tell a bus that Jesus loves them’ and ‘pray at the tallest point of the estate.’

‘One of the challenges was to pray for a shopkeeper and the team hadn’t been able to find a shop that was open. The leader and one of their youth needed a drink and so they went out to find a shop anyway. They stumbled across this tiny shop down a random street and were able to pray for the shopkeepers. Whilst they were praying for the shopkeepers, a young lady came in to buy a few bits and pieces and so they asked if she wanted prayer as well. She agreed and as she was being prayed for the leader was getting words of knowledge for her and then asked if she wanted to follow Jesus. Praise God, she chose to follow Jesus and was at church the following Sunday.’

‘God knew we would find opposition and led us to the Curve Community Centre to meet with the people there. God knew the people who brought challenge and softened their hearts to receive prayer. God knew the exact shop he wanted the guys to go in to so they could meet the young girl and share the gospel with her. God has a plan and if we are faithful and stick at it we will see his plan come to fruition and see lives transformed!’


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