29 Sep 2020

Taking Higher Online

By now our Higher 2020 tour should be in full swing, having already shared the gospel with thousands of young people in North Wales and Southport. Whilst our plans in the short term may have changed, it’s not stopped our passion to make sure young people hear about Jesus, using every opportunity open to us to do this.

As soon as we are allowed we’ll be back on the road, but until then Higher is heading online with all the parts of the tour that young people and churches have come to love!

In schools, young people will get to see our brand-new online lessons tackling some of the issues they face today from a Christian perspective, things like resilience, wellbeing, prejudice and discrimination. As well as pointing them to the hope of Jesus and challenging them to think more about faith, the lessons will invite students to high-energy gigs that will be happening online on Message Live.

At the gigs young people and their mates will get to enjoy music from our bands, hear the gospel proclaimed and have a chance to respond to this for themselves. But it won’t stop there. We want to see each decision for Jesus grow into lifelong discipleship which is why, even though it’s online, we’ll be pointing young people to Higher Sessions run by the bands and involving youth workers from local churches. Here they’ll be able to find out more about what it means to follow Jesus, how to grow in their new faith and get their questions answered.

‘Although Higher Cambs isn’t happening exactly as we planned, we’re so excited about taking it online,’ said Elaine Grant from Cambridge & District Youth for Christ. ‘Now more than ever, young people are desperately in need of the hope that Jesus offers – and we, like The Message, are determined to make the most of every opportunity we have to reach them any way we can.’

At the same time over in Germany our team have been able to head back into school and are in high schools across Saxony all this week with the Higher Tour. Each day they’re running schools lessons, lunch time gigs and sharing the gospel with young people. The week will end with a huge online Higher Festival on 10 October.


Find out more about how you can get involved at highertour.com.