Taking the Gospel Higher in North Wales - The Message
12 Feb 2020

Taking the Gospel Higher in North Wales

The first Higher Tour of the year kicked off in North Wales between 3-7 February 2020. Our teams visited 13 schools across the region, sharing the gospel and inviting the students to an evangelistic gig in Llandudno on the Friday night.

1,213 young people showed up to hear the truth of Jesus and an amazing 452 responded.

Each young person who responded was given a copy of Luke and Acts and invited along to follow-up sessions in their local churches and schools.

Stories from the Tour:

‘In one school, we worked with a group of vulnerable young people who had been through abuse and trauma. Ben shared his testimony, explained his struggles and how God helped him and gave him hope and a future. One young girl began to cry as Ben’s shared as she resonated with what he was saying. We’re now praying that this girl will know the same as she was so moved by his testimony.’ 

– Sammy, mission team SoulBox

‘At the end of the gig on the Friday night, I chatted to a teacher who was just blown away. He told me about one of the students who was one of the most challenging and toughest kids in his school. He was watching him throughout the gig and he was going crazy. But when Daniel from BrightLine shared the gospel, he stood still and listened and at the very end he responded. This teacher said “If the Higher Tour was in North Wales just for this one kid, then it was totally worth it.”’

– Judith, UK Missions Development Manager

Please pray for all those who responded to the gospel at the gig. Pray that they’ll attend the follow-up discipleship sessions and engage with their local church.


Find out more by heading to highertour.com