Testimonies from the Message Bus - The Message
10 Dec 2019

Testimonies from the Message Bus

John Li, North West Bus Manager, shares a short testimony from the work of the Message Bus:

‘In one of our projects we met a girl called Hannah*. We had the amazing privilege of leading her to Christ during one of the bus sessions. She stayed close with the church and even did work experience with them during the summer. When we brought back the bus to this estate after the summer break, Hannah was back on board as a helper with her church! Better still, she managed to bring one of her friends along for the ‘God slot’. She sat with her and chatted through parts of the talk. Her friend then made a response to the gospel!

‘Since then, both girls have continued coming along to the bus sessions. One night, they came along with another friend after being involved in a case of bullying earlier that day. All three were involved and wanted us to pray for them. I was amazed by their eagerness to be prayed for. 

‘They then asked if we could pray for their maths teacher who was off ill after having an operation. He was clearly well liked by them all. I felt like I heard God say that he had deposited the gift of faith in all three of the young people so I asked if they would pray for him. At first they were nervous but ended up praying bold and faith-filled prayers. It was so good to see these young people, who had only recently given their lives to Jesus, pray with such courage and faithfulness. 

‘Please join with us in praying for these young people and all those we encounter on the Message Bus week in week out.’ 

*Names have been changed