Evangelism training bringing new life
22 Sep 2020

The Miracle Of New Life

Across the globe evangelists are being trained and equipped to share their faith through our Advance Groups.

It was here in the UK, that Nina* stumbled across a group at a point when she’d hit rock bottom. Whilst dealing with the breakdown of her marriage and other personal issues, she had just discovered she was pregnant. Despite knowing God loved her and having a Christian faith she felt that having an abortion was her only option.

As she worked plans through in her head, Nina miraculously found herself sitting in an Exploring Advance session one evening, recognising a friend across the room.

She listened to the group leader share her passion for making sure everyone gets to hear the gospel and the need for each of us to get serious about our faith and evangelism, when something shifted inside her. The fact God had not abandoned her struck home and she had an overwhelming sense that this part of her story would help others as she shared about Jesus.

That evening Nina decided to get serious about her faith as well as sign up to be part of the Advance Group. Over the next nine months she spent as much time as she could praying, reading her Bible and reflecting on life, whilst also discovering a passion for evangelism.

And God did amazing things!

Opportunities for her to talk to her husband about the problems they’d been having opened up and they were able to sort these out, deciding to give their marriage a second try. Also, from the very first session she walked into Nina knew God had a plan for her baby’s life and decided to go through with the pregnancy. She and her husband are now proud parents to a newborn son and use every opportunity to tell people about how God changed their story.


We love hearing stories about how God is transforming lives through Advance Groups. Interested in joining a group? Head to advancegroups.org to find out more.

*Name changed.