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Tracks Of Truth

Lockdown life can be tough and we know that without the hope of Jesus, people are struggling with isolation, loneliness and anxiety, and sadly more young people than ever before are dealing with mental health issues.

This isn’t God’s plan and he wants every single person to know they’re not alone and know their true value in him. As well as being busy sharing the gospel through Message Live, music remains at the heart of what our creative mission teams are all about. 

We caught up with Jacob from Brightline and Dan from Amongst Wolves to hear more about their new releases and how God is using their songs to bring hope and light to young people today. 

What was the inspiration behind your songs, Lonely (Brightline) and Voices (Amongst Wolves)? 

Jacob: As a band, we’d written a new track and were praying about what God might want to say through the lyrics. We were struck again by how much coronavirus is causing young people to struggle with mental health issues and loneliness, and felt this was a great opportunity to speak God’s truth into the situations people are facing. So, we came up with Lonely and hope that as people listen to the track, the atmosphere in their room will change and they’ll be encouraged to explore the meaning behind the music and ultimately have their lives transformed by the power of the gospel. 

Dan: Voices came out of a conversation with a young person Amongst Wolves have been journeying with. She messaged us saying that she felt like suicide was her only option, and this hit us hard. As we prayed for her and messaged her, we began to wonder what we could do to help people like this girl, help them find hope. Our song, Voices, is written from the perspective of people who are considering suicide but with a declaration to choose life over death. It acknowledges how people feel and that life can be hard for so many, but ultimately, we know that Jesus died so that we could have life and life to the full – and this is what we want to get across. 

What do you hope the impact of these songs will be? 

Jacob: I really pray that people will listen to the music, think more about what the lyrics are saying and maybe click through to some of our other content where we share the gospel. I hope God’s truth will shine out, draw many people to him during these difficult times, and that people will know they are not alone. 

Dan: Yeah, we are praying that the tracks say what people need to hear and that they ultimately not only help save physical lives but also spiritual lives too. We want Voices to be about more than just sharing a good message about how suicide isn’t the solution, but to share with people the truth about Jesus giving his life in the place of ours. We are also praying that this music just comes up on people’s playlists who might not otherwise have heard about the tracks and reach whole groups of people that God can speak to. 


Listen for yourself. Amongst Wolves’ track, Voices, is available to listen to and download here, and Lonely from Brightline here.

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