We Are Eden - The Message

We Are Eden

Eden is all about sending and supporting teams of urban missionaries into communities struggling with poverty. Our teams walk alongside and do life with their local communities, sharing the good news of Jesus at every opportunity in word and deed.

Stretching right across the UK, we partner with churches in youth ministry, community projects, gospel outreach and discipleship, all while living within the community.

As our Eden team in Bow, London celebrates their 10-year anniversary this spring, the teams reflects on their five ‘We Are’ statements that are at the centre of their mission work in London:

We are incarnational
‘Whatever direction I walk in across our estate, I can end up on the doorstep of someone living in this community who is committed to praying for it, caring for it and intentionally getting to know the people all around us, and who are called to make this place home for the long-term. It is a beautiful feeling!’ – Hannah
We are relational
‘Anyone can share a fun moment with a neighbour, but it’s in the difficult times when you come alongside people who are struggling or feel like they’re falling apart when true community is formed. Sometimes I have nothing to offer, but my presence is often enough.’ – Lou
We are purposeful

‘I love that Eden is about living with more transparency, being more present and more deliberate in relationships in Bow and for Bow. We know that God has a plan and a purpose for us and for all those we meet and this motivates us to passionately share the gospel in every opportunity we can to see lives transformed.’ – Abbey

We are countercultural
‘Whilst we know how crucial it is to be part of this community and form deep relationships, we also know that we’re part of God’s Kingdom. For example, I can remember having conversations with people who had become resigned to certain things, such as the drug use in the area or the likelihood of a young person being excluded. But as God’s people we are called to be countercultural and offer a better way, so we passionately pray for God to use us in our community!’ – Alex

We are holistic
‘If I had to sum it all up in one word, it would be: together. Each of us together with God, together with this community, together in an intricate and wonderful web of relationships built up over time, relationships that could be challenging and brilliant, inconvenient, surprising and beautiful. Jesus said people will know we follow him by our love, and here in Bow that has become way more real to me.’ – Hannah