What's New For Eden Walsall? - The Message
14 Apr 2021

What’s New For Eden Walsall?

Throughout lockdown, our Eden teams have not stopped – making sure to show the love of Jesus to everyone in their communities! We caught up with Gav Hicks, Team Leader of Eden Walsall who told us about some of the things that they have been up to:

‘Our strategy since starting our work here in 2016 has been to gather people together and almost always with food. The restrictions put in place by Covid meant we had to totally rethink our entire ministry – but it didn’t stop us and we’ve been as busy as ever!! Here are a few highlights of some of the things we’ve been up to recently.

‘One thing we wanted to make sure about was that we didn’t want to lose contact with the families we have been working with, so we started delivering a weekly activity kit during lockdown to provide families with a positive activity to do together at home! We delivered a weekly pack that always included a Bible story, some creative prayer activities, craft, games, some fruit, sweets and other things. We also gave them a folder to build up a library of bible stories and the craft ideas so they could keep coming back to them throughout lockdown. These were really well received and a great excuse to check in with our families regularly.

‘We partnered with our local school – Croft Street Academy, who were also managing a food parcel service – as they could provide a much larger amount of food then we could! Because of this, our families could collect the bigger food parcels from school and we would provide some craft and game activities for all the parcels the school distributed. It was a really lovely way of teaming up with existing programs in the community to deliver something better than we could achieve separately.

‘We’ve been doing lots more like delivering prescriptions, making video assemblies for school, litter picks, prayer walks, sport, walks, outdoor activities and more!

‘We’re hoping to slowly return to normal, as the restrictions ease I’m looking to start going out on detached again and we’re hoping to launch our youth and children’s groups again soon.’


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