Choosing Jesus In The Face Of Persecution - The Message
25 Jul 2023

Choosing Jesus In The Face Of Persecution

What began with a small meeting of twelve evangelists in an office in Manchester, eight years on, Advance has spread to become a movement of 70,000 Christians. With over 11,000 groups worldwide each training individuals and churches to boldly share about Jesus in every opportunity, we’re seeing God do amazing things.

In Myanmar, a country where Christians face serious political persecution resulting from the military coup, our Advance groups emboldened one member so much that, despite facing the threat of violence and imprisonment, he felt he had to visit the local military captain and share the gospel with him and ask if the closed seminary could be reopened for Bible study. Miraculously, the captain agreed and the educational programmes, including evangelism classes with Advance as the teaching material, have resumed! 

In Sierra Leone, a young Muslim woman heard the good news of Jesus when an Advance group went out preaching on the streets. Transformed by the hope of the gospel, she gave her life to Jesus but because of this, she was rejected by her family who burned all of her possessions and threatened to kill her. A local church stepped in and are now providing housing for her, and she’s continuing growing in faith. She’s even joined an Advance group herself, stepping out sharing Jesus with others and she’s recently seen three people come to Christ! 


Do be praying for our Advance group members in these nations, that God would protect them and they’d have boldness to continuing sharing their faith. Inspired by these stories and want to join an Advance group yourself? Find out more and get involved at

And these stories of God at work drive us to go again, and we have an incredible opportunity to do this in the next season. Could you stand with us financially to help us launch more groups, employ more Advance Ambassadors and translate the mentoring guide into more languages? Visit Thank you!