Disciples Making Disciples - The Message
14 Jun 2022

Disciples Making Disciples

Every month young people take to the streets across London and Teesside, as they head out sharing the gospel with Advance Youth. We caught up with Joe, who heads up our Advance Youth work in the North East to hear what God’s been doing through the young people.

‘One of the young people always listens to the song ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’. When we were out recently, myself and two of the young people, Josh and Amber, heard a group of young people playing the song and we knew immediately that we had to go and talk with them.

‘As we got chatting, Josh shared the ‘Jesus At The Door’ evangelism tool we’ve used before and four of the five young people we were talking to were instantly engaged. When Josh asked the young people ‘If Jesus was here right now, would you let him into your life?’, one of the lads Jayden was blown away by the fact that Jesus would want to meet him and said ‘What? Jesus could show up?’. As Josh talked to them more he asked if he could pray for them all to experience God’s presence and they said yes!

‘And wow the peace of God came in such a tangible way! After we said ‘Amen’, we asked the young people if they’d experienced everything and all of them said they had. Jayden said, ‘I feel so different but in an amazing way!’

‘It was a great opportunity to chat about Jesus, the gospel and invite the young people to respond to it. They all gave their lives to Jesus repeating the prayer Josh led them in! Josh and Amber swapped details with the young people so they could stay in touch and share more about getting plugged into the local church. We also invited them along to the next Advance Youth session and shared with them about the Bible app so they could get stuck in with reading God’s word.

‘As we left, the group said how grateful they were that we stopped and chatted with them. But it doesn’t stop there! Josh recently messaged me saying that Jayden and the rest of the group had actually been chatting about their experience with Jesus with their mates too, who also want to find out more about him– how incredible!’

‘We’re hoping to equip Josh, Amber and more Advance Youth to start a Bible study group with these young people and encourage them in their faith. It’s so amazing to see how young people are being used to make disciples who then make disciples!’


To find out more about Advance Youth and to get your young people involved, visit message.org.uk/advanceyouth